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Management & Oversight

Spend More Time Building Your Brand
And less time on all the rest
— GLM offers a comprehensive approach to management and oversight, designed to transform your workflows and your sales team, creating opportunities and pushing your brand ahead.

  • Regional ad rep management
  • Ad rep search and procurement
  • Support services
  • Database development
  • Billing and collections

With a team of in-house leadership professionals, GLM ensures a smooth, seamless integration process, with total transparency and hands-on support from day one. This means more time for you to focus on the big picture and less on the paperwork and processes.

Learn more about our management services now, and see how GLM can help propel your business forward.


Innovating & Elevating
Best in class sales and marketing services — As advertiser needs expand and departments consolidate, publishers and media companies can wind up with a serious lag when it comes to coverage and support. For nearly 40 years, GLM Communications has been bridging that gap, providing professional advertising sales and marketing services across all platforms to media properties and brands.

  • Account, territory & Category management
  • Cross-platform media sales
  • Lead generation
  • Event sponsorship sales
  • Member benefits procurement
  • Consumer and trade event development & implementation
  • PR/Publicity services
  • Business development
  • Marketing/Branding opportunities

Our sales and marketing team includes some of the best talent in the business, with the experience, knowledge and connections to elevate and enhance your brand message -- and generate meaningful, measurable results right away.

Whether it’s a seasonal sales program, a temporary headcount or long-term position, GLM can connect you with the right expert or team to get the job done. Get in touch and learn more about our comprehensive sales and marketing solutions.

Market Research

Let the Data Drive
Because metrics matter — Because metrics matter — The media industry has become increasingly data driven in recent years, and with good cause. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding relevant, real-time experiences, delivered wherever, whenever and however they want them. And that means marketers and brands are being pushed to provide actionable data and market research in order to best serve their customers and clients.

GLM Communications offers market research solutions designed to deliver relevant insights and actionable results. By better understanding your audience, you will be able to deliver the experiences, content they crave - - and that means greater loyalty, advocacy and lifetime value. Further, syndicated market research also provides you with the resources and tools required by most brands seeking to reach your audience.

  • Readership/Subscriber studies
  • Custom surveys
  • Online polls

Find out more about GLM’s comprehensive market research offerings, and get your business on a data driven track. Contact us to learn more and to explore the custom research capabilities we can tap for your business and your clients.


Strategic Planning

Navigating What’s NEXT
Long-term vision, implementation and support — The media landscape is in a constant state of flux. The media brands and publishers poised for success are the ones who have an eye fixed on the future -- and what that future means for their brands.

GLM Communications has been working with media brands for nearly four decades, helping publishers, stakeholders and other key leaders develop powerhouse visions and strategic plans for all that comes next.

  • Conceptualization of revenue generation programs and package offerings
  • Development of member benefit & incentive programs
  • Sales organization development
  • Brand and business development initiatives

Maximize tomorrow by preparing today. Let GLM help you define your vision - craft comprehensive goals and outline next steps, to ensure that your brand is a category leader.

Contact GLM to learn more about our strategic planning services. You’ll see why countless brands have turned to GLM over the last four decades and how we can help catapult your brand today, into the future -- and beyond.



World-Class Publishing Expertise
at your Fingertips

The media industry isn’t what it used to be — To thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape, media brands need to offer more, deliver more and be ready to evolve as quickly as their audiences are. It’s a tall order in an industry marked by constant flux and increased consumer demand.

Enter GLM Consulting - Whether you simply need a sounding board to validate ideas, or an immersive level of guidance on an ongoing basis, GLM consulting offers world-class publishing expertise at an outstanding value. We can help you create the map, navigate the terrain, avoid the pitfalls and anticipate the road ahead.


Custom Publishing

Make It Your Own
Leading edge custom publishing solutions 
— When you need to get your message out, you want to do it right. GLM Communications creates unrivaled end-to-end custom publishing experiences. GLM manages everything from conception to deployment.

Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, catalog or an ongoing digital or print magazine, GLM can help create a solid business foundation and a powerhouse media product. Together, that means greater revenue, greater visibility and greater awareness for your portfolio and your business.

Get in touch today to learn more about our custom publishing capabilities. You’ll immediately see why, for nearly 40 years, top companies have trusted GLM with their high value projects and publications.

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